Visit the Runway Visitor Park this Summer

A great day out for all the family, the Runway Visitor Park is one of the North West's most popular outdoor attractions. Adjacent to the busy runways of Manchester Airport, the park’s raised viewing area means you can stand literally just a few metres away from the planes as they go past.

The park is also home to a variety of retired planes, including the spectacular supersonic airliner, Concorde G-BOAC; and former RAF military spy plane, Nimrod. There’s also a DC-10, Avro RJX and a retro Trident airliner, offering a glimpse of what flying was like in the 1960s and 1970s.

In addition to a large picnic area, there is also the RVP coffee house, a play area and The Aviation Shop, which stocks a range of plane-related souvenirs, suitable for children through to the more serious aircraft enthusiasts.

Visit at weekends and experience live commentary of the airport's operations. 





What's On

Father and Son sat in RVP's Fly360 simulator

Fly 360 Simulator

Take to the skies on our full motion flight simulator. Experience being in control of a fighter plane with full 360 degree motion.

Elderly Couple Holding Hands in a Concorde

Concorde Tours

Enjoy an amazingly unique experience by getting a tour with one of the most iconic aircraft in history. Included will be a tour of the cabin, walk under the wings and you'll get to watch the famous nose droop, and just to top it off, you'll get a lovely glass of champagne to commend the moment.

Chid on playground at RVP

Great Family Day Out

You don't have to be jetting off anywhere to enjoy a day at the airport, watch the take off and landing of planes at Manchester Airport, you will more than likely see some 787s, A380s or even the odd special visitor, including the NHS liveried Spitfire.

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